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Taitem evaluated a community-style heat pump approach for the site which aims to leverage several large underground steel vats that were formerly used in the candlemaking process as potential water storage tanks for the geothermal system. In addition, we are hoping to make use of groundwater that is pushing up out of the ground.


Our team completed the feasibilty study for the project as well as the design, which is supported by NYSERDA. With the anticipated varied load profiles of the planned development, the developer hopes to be able to flatten the electrical load and enable otherwise unattainable cost and energy savings. In addition, the variety of tenants, including a brewery and a data center, will help offset the peak loads and reduce the overall size of the ground heat exchanger.

Urban Villages

Urban Villages is a proposed redevelopment at the former site of the Will & Baumer Candle Factory in the outskirts of Syracuse, New York. The current site, at the time of its closing in 2010, was the oldest manufacturing facility in Central New York and produced about 75% of the candles in the US. The proposed district will re-develop this abandoned industrial site through gut rehabilitation of the existing derelict buildings.


The project plan calls for using the shells of eight existing industrial buildings, which will be repurposed to provide approximately 150 dwelling units, a multi-use recreational facility, a data center, and a craft brewery with restaurant.

Salina, NY

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