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Energy + Sustainability

Helping building owners and designers reach their high performance goals

Energy + Sustainability consulting 

Program compliance, energy incentives, and verifiable savings

Taitem has more than 35 years of experience helping project teams achieve their energy and performance goals. Our team helps to identify funding sources and incentives for projects early in the process and offers a full suite of services to ensure optimal efficiency is achieved. Our team has planned modeled, designed, and commissioned buildings with high performance energy goals, from net zero energy use to Passive House certification.

Whether you’re building from the ground up or undertaking an energy retrofit, Taitem’s range of services starts in the pre-design phase and continues after construction completion, ensuring long-term energy goals are achieved and buildings operate as designed from day one. 

E+S consulting services

  • energy modeling

  • energy and carbon studies

  • commissioning

  • building certifications

  • state, federal and utility incentives

  • performance monitoring

  • electrification

  • Passive House, Energy Star®, net zero

Energy + Sustainability services

Our team engages with the owner and the different building trades to form a team that maximizes opportunities for resilient, cost-effective, and sustainable design and construction strategies. We facilitate an integrated design approach which results in more efficient, higher-performing buildings. Below is a closer look at some of our service offerings. Connect with us to learn what our E+S team can bring to your project.


Taitem offers regulatory compliance assistance for NYC Local Laws and NYS Executive Orders. Our team includes licensed PEs, certified energy managers (CEMs), LEED APs, a high-performance building design professional (HBDP), and a building energy modeling professional (BEMP). -compliance for NYC local laws and NYS executive orders -hourly energy simulations -eQUEST, HAP, and EnergyPlusLEED® EA  -energy audit assessments -design for Energy Star -179D and 45L -renewable energy analysis -integrated green design

Energy and carbon studies

Taitem has exceptional qualifications, training, and experience in auditing, including certifications from ASHRAE, Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), and Building Performance Institute (BPI). ​-NYSERDA Flexible Technical Assistance (Flextech) -ASHRAE Level I, II, and III (capital-intensive or investment-grade) -benchmarking audits for Energy Star or compliance with NYC local laws -carbon mitigation studies -greenhouse gas surveys -billing and fuel analysis -blower door testing -measurement and verification

Building commissioning 

Taitem provides a variety of commissioning services for new and existing buildings. We specialize in providing high quality cost effective solutions for complex, unique and high profile projects. We are recognized as one of the top providers in our field, as evidenced by multiple national and regional presentations, national recognition of various projects and staff, and most importantly, by our many satisfied customers. ​Cx for New Construction -GSA  -specialty systems  -LEED compliant -solar PV  Cx for Existing Buildings -LL87 Cx compliance -LEED EBOM -energy efficiency​ Cx for Code Compliance​

Building certifications

Taitem guides teams as they work toward their building certification. Our staff includes LEED accredited professionals, certified Passive House consultants (PHIUS), Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Raters, among others.


By leveraging our in-depth knowledge of energy-efficient buildings with a comprehensive understanding of energy program requirements, our team identifies energy programs and incentives from both state agencies and utilities that lay out the most cost-effective path to high performance buildings including: -Flexible Technical Assistance (FlexTech) Program -Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) -Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program -NYS Clean Heat -Commercial New Construction Program -Charge Ready NY -EV Make-Ready Programs -On Site Energy Manager (OsEM) … among others

Monitoring and research

From traditional IMPVP, to customized intensive monitoring, Taitem provides a range of measurement and verification services. Through meticulous data collection, analysis, and reporting, we help owners and agencies understand and track their buildings operational performance.

Electrification and Net Zero

Electrification is one of the main paths to eliminating carbon emissions in buildings. Our team aims to support designers, owners, and developers as they work toward reducing carbon emissions and meeting state and nationwide energy goals. -electrification and zdecarbonization analysis -planning for EV charging and onsite renewables -green building certifications

Brooklyn, NY

Taitem provided LEED consulting, fundamental and enhanced commissioning services, and LEED-compliant energy modeling for a new NYC parks headquarters with office space, classrooms, and public facilities. The project is designed for net zero energy use and achieved LEED platinum certification.


The 15,500 SF building includes a green roof, solar photovoltaic panels, geothermal heating and cooling, high-efficiency automated lighting controls, and high-efficiency mechanical equipment and controls. 

Rotterdam, NY

Taitem provided third-party measurement and verification and commissioning services for this market-rate apartment development designed to achieve net zero energy performance. With 72 units in six buildings, netZero Village uses onsite renewables and energy-efficiency strategies to exceed the energy needs.


Taitem became involved early in construction, developing the monitoring strategy. These monitors perform a key function in maintaining peak performance as they are a source of real-time feedback for both occupants and the owner.

Geneva, NY

Built in 1894, the Smith Opera House continues as one of the oldest operating performing arts venues in the United States. The building has a 1,400-seat theater, plus a lobby, concession areas, a dance studio, and offices.


Taitem conducted a FlexTech energy study with recommended energy conservation measures (ECMs) projected to decrease natural gas consumption by 14%. Taitem also provided full design services for the renovation of the restrooms, dressing rooms, and cabaret area.

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