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Committed to high performance buildings

and the people who depend on them

Engineering excellence with a triple bottom line

Founded in 1989, Taitem’s work reflects deep expertise in engineering and building science combined with hands-on field experience. For more than 30 years, Taitem’s high-quality work and steadfast commitment have made it a leader in New York’s efforts to dramatically reduce its carbon emissions.

Taitem integrates sustainable practices into every facet of its business, from work for its clients to internal operations. Taitem strives to make a positive impact on society and the environment while focusing on the triple bottom line — people, planet, and prosperity.


Taitem collaborates with project teams to identify the most cost-effective and efficient system design. Our extensive experience with integrated MEP+S design, energy modeling, energy audits, and sustainability consulting allows us to provide creative solutions that improve the built environment.

From conception …


Taitem ensures the project meets design specifications and building certification standards during construction. Our team provides inspections for program compliance, air and insulation detailing,  and construction phase testing including duct leakage and blower door testing.

through construction


Taitem provides commissioning to certify that systems are operating as intended. Our team also conducts measurement and verification and utility bill analysis to track system performance over time, compare actual vs. predicted energy usage, and ensure that energy goals are achieved.

… to completion and beyond.

Integrated design and energy services

Design Engineering | Energy Studies | Energy Modeling | Carbon Reduction Analysis | Commissioning | Passive House | Research

Taitem provides integrated design engineering and energy solutions for new and existing buildings from the earliest stages of planning through project completion. Our team provides feasibility studies, energy modeling, energy audits, and lifecycle cost analyses to establish the most effective path to healthy, resilient, buildings.


We identify savings for the project through energy incentive programs and align the system design to achieve optimal energy savings for building owners. To ensure project design and operational goals are achieved, Taitem provides construction oversight, commissioning, and measurement and verification.

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