Umit Sirt, PE, CEM, BEMP, HBDP

Senior Energy Engineer, Partner

Umit Sirt is a senior member of Taitem’s Energy + Sustainability department, where he leads the energy modeling team. He has gained a reputation for quality energy auditing and high-performance design consulting. He is especially interested in building science and energy system assessments with simulation and modeling. Umit was a member of the team that oversaw NYSERDA’s Assisted Multi-family Building (AMP) program for NYSERDA, gave technical assistance to design teams in NYSERDA’s New Construction Program (NCP) and managed high-performing projects in the Multi-family Program (MPP-NC). He was one of the first ASHRAE HBDPs (High-performance Building Design Professionals) in NY State and was also one of the provisional assessors in ASHRAE’S Building Energy Quotient Pilot Program (Building bEQ). Umit published an article in ASHRAE Journal in October 2011 discussing HVAC selection for envelope-dominated buildings. He has presented nationwide on topics such as net-zero building design, high performing HVAC system selections, and elevator controls. Umit holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from METU in Turkey and an ME in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey.