SUNY Polytechnic Institute, New Residence Hall

Taitem provided whole-building energy modeling services for the new 257-bed net-zero residence hall at SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica Campus. Multiple HVAC options were evaluated within the energy model. Taitem worked closely with the design-build team to provide energy performance information on each option to inform the design team’s selection. A detailed energy performance report was provided to the design team, giving additional feedback on whole-building energy usage and energy-efficiency measure selection.

The energy model included all aspects of the building including the building envelope, HVAC systems, DHW system, interior and exterior lighting and controls, occupancy schedules, and miscellaneous electrical and plug loads. A detailed analysis of anticipated plug loads and their associated usage schedules was required in order to develop an accurate estimate of the building energy usage.

Several additional energy savings opportunities were recommended by Taitem such as reducing air leakage, installing heat pump dryers, and reducing window-to-wall ratios, but these were ultimately not included in the final design. The results of the whole building energy projected a site Energy Utilization Intensity (EUI) for the project of 27.2 kBtu/sq.ft.-yr.

YEAR 2020