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Enterprise Green Communities

This rating system was created to support the sustainable and energy efficient design and construction of affordable housing stock. It ensures low-income people are provided with nearby transportation, low utility bills, operations and maintenance (O&M) training, and healthier air to breathe.

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Taitem is an active Technical Assistance Provider and can support the sustainability goals set by you and your team and navigating the Criteria in the project. We provide design charrettes, energy modeling, O&M resident plan templates, and material recommendations to certify your project in the Enterprise Green Community.

Taitem provides EnergyStar certification support and assistance in meeting ASHRAE 62.2 standards. We work with clients throughout New York State on both new construction and substantial renovation projects. Taitem also has extensive knowledge and expertise in LEED certification.

Contact Courtney Royal croyal@taitem.com to learn more about Green Communities for your project.

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