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“The experience was seamless from start to finish.”

-Homeowner, Ithaca, NY


“Taitem is by far the best contractor I have ever dealt with on any major project. I have had excellent work done before but never with this level of communication.”

– Homeowner, Ithaca, NY


“I watched my electric meter spinning backward this morning. It was beautiful!

-Homeowner, Ithaca, NY


“I just wanted all of you to know how happy I am with the installation of the Solar system installed at our house by Taitem Engineering.  Leo, Luka and the whole crew were so very polite and helpful with any questions I had and would take the time to explain what ever I was inquiring about.  It looked like quite an undertaking with all the different parts and wiring that had to be installed, but this crew showed their expertise and all seemed to know what had to be done and they all worked very well together.  It is quite refreshing to see such commitment to “get the job done”, something that is quite rare in today’s world.
Luka really worked hard the last 2 days of the installation and had some challenging moments with getting the wires where they needed to go from one box to another because of the size of the wires and the connectors they had to go through.  He never once lost his patience and just kept working at ways to get the job completed.  I was very impressed with his ability and again his patience.

All in all I am one happy customer and can’t wait to have the system saving me from the very high electric bills that we have always had.

A great job done by all!!”

-Homeowner, Ithaca, NY


“Our one year anniversary with solar PV was this July. The reading was 7001 kWh for the year. The array size was 6370 and the anticipated output 6450. Nice output indeed. I believe we covered our needs plus. Nice system and I should have done it sooner.”

-Homeowner, Ithaca, NY


“We used Taitem Engineering and are thrilled with the product and installation. They are an alternative energy engineering company located in downtown Ithaca. When we evaluated their product vs the available competitors we were happy with what we found. Taitem is not the cheapest option in the area but they are also not nearly the most expensive. We looked at this as a 25 year investment and when evaluated from that perspective, I’m not sure that the cheapest option is ever the right decision.”

-Homeowner, Ithaca, NY