Investing in Solar

Taitem Renewables is committed to providing our customers with a PV system of the highest quality that will generate clean renewable energy for years to come. Various state and federal programs can reduce installation costs of a solar PV system. Frequently, the total of state and federal incentives add up to over 60% of the price of the system. Systems can be purchased upfront, through a low-interest loan, or through a monthly lease payment that is often less than what you are paying the utility today.

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The Taitem Guarantee

Taitem offers a 10-year whole system warranty on your residential install.

Our Community Shared Solar production guarantee is for 25 years.

Solar Panel Production Warranties
Product Parts (years) Labor (years) Production
Hanwha 12 12 83.6% from beginning of life – 25 years
Sunpower 25 25 87% from beginning of life – 25 years
SMA & Fronius 10 10 N/A (inverters)


Incentives & Tax credits


What’s the difference between Tax Credits and Incentives?

Our dedicated team will provide you with the following at no cost:

  • An initial estimate
  • A site evaluation to determine the size of the system you need


Your Solar Options with Taitem

For installation at your home or business, Taitem offers the option of purchasing or leasing your system.


The Ownership Option

With a signed contract we will provide a turn-key solar PV system from design to install including:

  • Securing your NYSERDA grant and building permit
  • Testing the PV system and finalizing the interconnection agreement with your utility provider
  • Benefits
    • Cheaper over the lifetime of the system: Once the cost of the system is paid in full, you will generate your own electricity at absolutely NO cost.
    • Choose a battery backup or “off-grid” system: In some areas where power outages are frequent and last several days, homeowners prefer a backup battery.
The Leasing Option