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Community Shared Solar

Making Solar More Possible for More People

Now you too can harness energy from the sun, even if your site is too shady, you live in an apartment, you rent your house or lease commercial space. Whatever the reason, Taitem’s Community Shared Solar is a great opportunity to realize all the benefits of owning a solar array — somewhere else. We choose the location for optimum sun and utility grid interconnection, enroll members, and install and maintain everyone’s photovoltaic panels. You get credit on your electric bill, with no worries about trees, installation, or even performance — In fact, Taitem guarantees your panels’ energy production for 25 years!

Community Solar


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The Details

It’s your power plant. You own the panels. You receive the federal tax credit and realize the NYSERDA rebate. Every month the solar energy you generate lowers your electric bill.

Maximize the power. High efficiency SunPower panels deliver more energy production over the life of the system than other commercially available models. You get a higher return on investment.

Locally sited, regionally connected. Community Shared Solar supports local business, landowners and a distributed energy system.
Membership is open to any NYSEG customer in the NYISO Central Load Zone spanning 17 counties.

In the know. You’ll receive annual reports outlining system production and site activities, keeping you up to date on your investment.
If questions arise, Taitem’s friendly staff is nearby and happy to help.