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Looking for best-value solar PV system design and quality installation service in central New York? Taitem Engineering is here for you.

More than a million homes in America are powered by solar panels. And every day that number grows. Solar panel technology and installation services are more affordable than ever. Quality solar panels, careful design right-sized for you and your home, and great customer service are Taitem hallmarks.

We invite you to join the hundreds of individuals and businesses across Tompkins County and central New York who Taitem has helped to take advantage of clean, abundant energy from the sun. Our clients are saving money every day, while doing their part to decrease carbon emissions and protect our environment. Read on to learn more about switching to solar and how Taitem can help.

Why choose Solar?

Solar generated electricity can power all the needs of your home or business. This includes lighting, appliances, electric vehicles, and even heating and cooling. In the long run, solar costs less than energy from your electric company. Much less. Solar also improves home values, future-proofs against rising utility rates, and reduces carbon emissions. Whatever your priorities, Taitem designs your system based on what matters most to you. Let’s start the conversation.

Lower your monthly utility bill

On average, Taitem clients who switch to solar save 100% on the per-kilowatt hour charges on their monthly electric bill. On-site solar interconnected to the utility grid gives you the best of both worlds: no-cost kilowatt-hours from your panels, backed up 24×7 by your electric company for when the sun isn’t shining. Through “net metering,” you get credit on sunny days when you make more energy than you need, and you use up those credits on cloudy days and during the night. Over the course of a year, many Taitem clients even zero out their electric bill.

Lock-in energy savings for years to come

The beauty of owning your own solar power plant is that you’re in control and protected from constantly rising electric rates. After you’ve recouped upfront system costs, your PV panels make free electricity year-round.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Want to offset 100% of your fossil-fueled electricity with solar power? Taitem reviews your annual utility bills and sizes your system accordingly. You’ll be reducing the greenhouse gases you create. Going solar helps us all reach local and state-wide sustainability goals and safeguards the future for our children and grandchildren.

Be prepared for energy independence

With on-site solar, you can add optional battery storage for greater resilience. Depending on your budget, you can choose to do that immediately, or add energy storage when battery technology becomes more affordable. Either way, Taitem’s design engineers make sure you’re prepared.

Affordability and Easy Payment Options

Solar energy rebates and federal and state tax credits make solar more affordable than ever.  NY Sun grants managed through NYSERDA directly reduce your upfront costs, while the NYS 25% tax credit and the 30% federal investment tax credit together reimburse over half the installed cost when you file your tax return. Taitem is committed to providing the best value over the life of your system. Our high-efficiency SunPower panels are a great solution.

Whether you choose standard or high efficiency panels, you have multiple financing options. Purchase your system upfront—thereby prepaying for decades worth of electricity—or with a low-interest loan through a local bank or our financing partner. The monthly loan payment is often less than your pre-solar utility bill so your savings begin immediately! Contact us to get a quick solar estimate.

Why Choose Taitem?

Taitem Engineering is widely recognized for excellent design services, superior safety ratings, and conscientious business practices

As a mission driven organization we live up to the Taitem name, which stands for Technology As If The Earth Mattered. Recent recognition includes:

Sunpower Elite DealerSunPower Elite Dealer – Meeting stringent standards for advanced training, design quality and performance while consistently achieving exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction.


Quality AwardNYSERDA Installation Quality Awards


B Corp CertificationB Corp certification


Our solar team’s expertise serves both residential and commercial solar projects, plus battery based systems for energy storage. We also collaborate with other clean energy consultants, architects and general contractors to deliver engineering and technical services for their clients. Taitem provides design support to installers, commissioning services for solar developers, and geothermal systems consulting and design.

Licensed Engineers (not all solar companies can say this!)

Whether your system lives on your roof or is a ground-mounted solar array, technical and structural design are extremely important. Complying with municipal and state building codes and utility requirements is vital to avoid costly delays and ensure system safety and reliability. We are Taitem Engineering PC — a professional corporation with nine fully licensed in-house engineers. Many solar companies can’t claim even one licensed engineer on staff. With Taitem’s technical team, you can be confident that our design and installation process will optimize your panels’ operation.

A Local Presence Near You

Taitem is firmly rooted in the Finger Lakes region with local offices in Lansing and Ithaca. Most clients are within a 2-hour drive, so our service is always close to home. Our staff are active members of the community, passionate about serving clients, introducing friends and neighbors to solar, and growing the local clean energy economy. We also serve large clients across the state such as school districts and community solar developers with solar design, installation and commissioning services.

Warranties and Incentives

You can rest easy because a solar PV system from Taitem includes equipment warranties, a workmanship warranty PLUS a performance guarantee. Here’s what each covers:

Panel Warranty will repair or replace a panel that’s not meeting stringent performance standards. SunPower provides a 25-year warranty that covers all equipment, all labor, and even transportation costs.  Great safety net, but highly unlikely you’ll need it. With only 27 panels returned out of every 1 million installed, SunPower is confident in their product and so is Taitem. In fact, the life expectancy of SunPower panels is 40 years!

Performance Guarantee ensures the electrical output of your solar panels. As years go by and conventional panels degrade, SunPower panels continue to produce at an estimated 97% of rated power year after year. That means their best-in-the-industry warranty ensures predictable financial savings over your system’s lifetime. Every brand is different so read and understand the fine print.

Workmanship Warranty by Taitem protects you from any labor-related defects — i.e. those arising from the actual installation process — for ten years. Our quality workmanship guarantees that the design, assembly, and installation are all done correctly, the system will perform without malfunction, and any defects that may arise will be fixed free of charge.

Dave receives his NYSERDA Quality Award

Quality Counts

From panel positioning to cable and conduit management to inverter location, there are a multitude of details which impact the effectiveness of your new solar PV system. Taitem applies our rigorous quality control process to every job. In fact, stellar quality assurance is one reason Taitem is frequently recognized as best of class in our industry.

NYSERDA Quality Award: The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) reviews every system that earns solar rebates (which is just about all of them.) In 2016, Taitem technicians Dave Tedeyan and Nick Kirk were honored as two of the Top 3 NYS solar PV installers, by consistently earning the highest NYSERDA quality ratings.

Customer Service

You deserve accurate and complete information in language that makes sense to you. Your system’s performance should be regularly monitored by professionals so you know all is well. You need a quick response if questions do come up. Meeting your needs before, during and after your installation are hallmarks of Taitem’s customer service, as our clients will tell you.

“We are thrilled with our new system. Thank you Taitem for your expertise, professionalism and guidance though what could have been a very daunting process, but was instead friendly and thorough.”
Molly & Ted Andrejko, Cortland
“Customer support and professionalism has been exemplary.”
Sandra Rapp, Ithaca
“I was very pleased with all the staff I worked with at Taitem. The sales and office staff and the installers were all very professional and friendly. Questions were answered quickly and clearly.”
Wayne & Diane Harbert, Newfield
“Thank you Taitem! The whole team was really remarkable. Our solar panels are working hard this sunny summer, and we appreciate all of your good work.”
Vicki Pastore, Ithaca


A B-Corporation with 29 Years of Experience

People, Planet, Profit is Taitem’s triple bottom line and we walk our talk as a Certified B Corporation. We have been committed to “meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency,” for 29 years, and counting! We’re also proud to be affiliated with numerous industry associations and community organizations.

Since our founding in 1989, we’ve grown steadily with good jobs staffed by great people. In addition to our solar services, Taitem is a regional and statewide leader in green building design and energy and sustainability consulting for commercial, industrial and government clients. Whether your energy picture and solar PV system is simple or more complex, our seasoned professionals have the skills and knowledge you need.