Cx for existing buildings

  • NYSERDA FlexTech retrocommissioning project for a 9-story 185,000 SF mixed-use building (Hilton hotel, Cornell University offices, additional retail and commercial tenants).
  • Seneca Place
    Existing Building Commissioning
    NYSERDA Commissioning

  • NYC LL87 and NYSERDA FlexTech compliant Retro-Commissioning of a 3 story church and school with central steam and hot water heating in NYC.
  • Evangel Church and School
    Existing Building Commissioning
    LL87 Compliant Commissioning

  • Retro-Commissioning scoping inspections for hospital and central HVAC systems (subcontracted by Crothal).
  • UHS Binghamton, USH Chenangor, UHS Wilson
    Existing Building Commissioning
    Hospital Commissioning

  • LEED EBOM Retro-commissioning Services for a residential turned office building. Systems tested included geothermal, solar PV, solar thermal, boilers, heat pumps and an experimental cooling system. Achieved LEED Platinum.
  • 110 South Albany St. (Taitem Offices)
    Existing Building commissioning
    LEED EBOM Commissioning

  • NYC LL87 compliant retrocommissioning of a 36-story, 384,500 SF commercial office complex.
  • Unique features of the building include an all-pneumatic control system, high level of operator involvement in day-to-day operations and extended data logging performed as part of the commissioning.
  • 650 5th Avenue
    Existing Building Commissioning,
    LL87 Compliant Commissioning

  • NYC LL87 compliant Retro-Commissioning of a 4 building complex with central steam heating in NYC.
  • Taitem was re-hired to commission a new cooling plant installed the following year (2016).
  • Parc Vendome Condominiums
    Existing Building Commissioning
    LL87 Compliant Commissioning


    Commissioning for existing buildings, also called “retrocommissioning,” addresses underperforming building systems. At its most basic, this is a tune up of existing equipment to bring its operation back to peak performance. What Taitem adds to this process is an analysis of the current space usage and low/no cost recommendations that will adapt your old systems to the new ways the space is being used. By some estimates, as much as 20 percent of the energy used in an average commercial building is waste associated with poorly commissioned systems. Whether you are considering commissioning on an existing building to comply with NYC LL87 requirements, attempting to get LEED EBOM certification or just want to improve your buildings operating and energy efficiency Taitem can help you.

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