code commissioning

Starting in October 2016, New York State and New York City codes require commissioning on new construction and substantial renovation projects. Buildings that fall under the commercial construction code with total mechanical capacities larger than 480,000 Btu/hr cooling, or 600,000 Btu/hr heating and service hot water need to comply with these standards. While similar, there are slight differences in the NYS and NYC code requirements.

To help builders, architects and developers understand the new codes, Taitem has created reference documents, shown below. Use them to determine if your building is likely to need code Cx and if so, how to comply. For a rule of thumb, heating and cooling capacities are translated into estimated square foot equivalents –> projects greater than 15,000 SF generally will require commissioning, while projects under 10,000 SF generally won’t.

For quick reference, here are one page summaries of the process, key dates and requirements:

For more detailed information, download these white papers:

As with any commissioning project – feel free to contact Taitem directly with any questions. Reach Nate Goodell via email at or by phone at 315-600-8544