Real Time Energy Management

Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) consists of hardware (sensors) and cloud-based software that provides automated energy monitoring in buildings. The automated functions include fault detection and prevention, system use analysis and diagnostic tools. Every RTEM project includes three years of service and analysis by Taitem to support building staff by delivering actionable insights to improve building operations.


Discover energy saving opportunities and useful energy performance metrics and see the impacts of changes immediately.


Improve building performance, reduce unplanned maintenance costs and optimize building controls while supporting demand response and reducing energy bills.


Forecast and achieve measurable energy savings, with forecasts based on building use and parameters.
RTEM Platforms

Taitem provides RTEM services, including designing the system, analyzing data and helping buildings understand their results. We partner with several RTEM system providers including Siemens and Sentient Buildings to leverage your existing controls infrastructure and meet the needs of your specific building. Contact us to discuss the pro’s and con’s of different RTEM platforms and explore your options

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  • RTEM FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Why is RTEM Important?

    • RTEM improves building performance and optimizes building controls

    • RTEM supports demand response and lower bills

    • RTEM uncovers energy savings opportunities and quickly identifies costly equipment failures

    • RTEM provides useful building information and energy performance metrics

    • RTEM allows you to see immediate impacts of changes and adjustment

    • RTEM provides useful building information and energy performance metrics

    • RTEM achieves measurable energy savings by combining experienced engineering support with data an analytics from some of the leaders in building controls and automation

    What is special about RTEM in Lansing?

    • RTEM provides actionable opportunities that reduce gas usage, which is a focus in Lansing, and opportunities that reduce electric usage
    • For a limited time, RTEM projects in Lansing are eligible for an enhanced incentive of up to 80% from NYSERDA, available only through Taitem
    • RTEM in Lansing comes with Taitem technical consultation for three years to help interpret results and implement changes

    What buildings are good candidates for RTEM?

    • Commercial and Institutional Buildings
    • Industrial Buildings
    • Large Multifamily Buildings
    • High Energy Use Buildings
    • Buildings with existing central control systems

    What is the next step?

    Contact Taitem to discuss your building and schedule a site visit:
    Beth Mielbrecht:
  •, 607-277-1118 x123
  • Nate Goodell:
  •, 315-600-8544
  • You can also take a look at the tools and case studies available at NYSERDAs RTEM resource center