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LED Lighting Recommendations
LED Screw In Replacements
Motion Sensors
Stairwell Lighting (New Buildings)
Lighting Power Density (Existing Buildings)
Lighting Wattage Reduction (CFLs)
Corridor Lighting (Existing Buildings)
Apartment Lighting Hours
Occupancy Sensors in Stairwells and Corridors
Parking Garage Lighting

Building Envelope

Calculating U-values
Windows-Beyond Energy Star
Infiltration-Ventilation Air-Sealing


Electric Savings in Multi-Family Buildings
Energy Improvement Project Scheduling
179D Tax Deduction
Energy Management Systems
Steam to VRF Conversions
Gas Furnace Electricity Usage
Steam Boiler Replacements
Boiler Efficiency
Diverter Valve
Solar Ventilation Pre-heater
Indoor Temperature
AC Conduction Loss