netZero Village is a market-rate apartment development designed to achieve net-zero energy performance. With 72 units in six buildings, netZero Village makes use of onsite renewable energy and energy-efficiency technologies and strategies to meet or exceed the energy needs of its occupants. As a consultant providing third-party measurement and verification services for NYSERDA, as well as commissioning services, Taitem became involved in this project early in construction, developing the monitoring strategy for installation and implementation of on-site power monitors. These monitors also perform a key function in maintaining the buildings’ performance as they are a source of real-time feedback for both occupants and owner.

Results after the first monitoring period, including analysis of utility bill data, showed that all buildings but one achieved net-zero energy use. This one building did not achieve net zero because of a malfunction in the PV system serving that building. Even so, the amount of excess energy generated by the other buildings more than made up for the overage in energy use by the building with the faulty PV system, so the complex as a whole is net-zero.

YEAR 2020
NYSERDA PROGRAM NYSERDA ETAC/Lowrise Residential New Construction