Design Engineering

Comprehensive, sustainable, and accessible system design

We collaborate with owners and designers to create resilient buildings that meet energy goals

For more than three decades, Taitem has worked with owners and developers to design highly energy-efficient building systems. Our experienced engineers are adept at finding ways to create high-performance buildings that stay within the owner’s budget while meeting the energy and cost-saving goals of the project.

“The Taitem team is extremely responsive to all questions and inquiry during and after creating a document set. There should be no question that this team is able to carry out large scale complicated projects, with little to no issue.”

– Architect, Springfield, MO

“The engineers simplified things for me and could tell ahead of time what my questions would be. Once the project started it went exactly as planned. We made very few adjustments to the system once it was installed.”

– Owner, Brockport, NY

Our engineers provide full design services across multiple building sectors and are able to draw on the full capacity of our staff, including specialists in energy efficiency, emerging technologies, and green building disciplines. This internal collaboration allows our team to incorporate advanced, sustainable building technologies in our design approach and provide the most efficient and effective systems to our clients.