Ethan Skutt

Project Engineer

Ethan works in the Energy + Sustainability department where he provides energy consulting services on a variety of projects relating to the implementation of energy retrofits in existing buildings and construction of new high-performance buildings. Ethan reviews and confirms the technical viability of proposed energy conservation measures on various projoects and works with design and construction teams to ensure compliance with programs or third-party standards such as Energy Star, Passive House, EGC, and NYSERDA NCP. Ethan is a native Ithacan who returned to the area after attending Northeastern University in Boston. While in high school, Ethan was an intern at Taitem where he worked alongside Ian Shapiro on a window weatherstripping research project and the resulting paper, Weather-Stripping Windows with V-Strip,” Home Energy Magazine, Sept/Oct 2012. Most recently, Ethan has been designing cameras that can detect natural gas leaks. Ethan has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University.