Crista Shopis, LEED AP

Senior Engineer, E+S Department Manager

Crista is a Senior Engineer and Manager of the Energy + Sustainability department, leading a staff of 11 energy technicians, analysts, and engineers. Crista’s experience ranges from managing major energy retrofit projects in urban high-rise buildings to community facilities development in remote villages in Paraguay. Since starting her work at Taitem in 2007, she has led over one hundred projects, including the design of building HVAC systems, comprehensive investment grade energy studies, LEED certification for several large, new construction projects. Crista has a talent for seeing the big picture and creating a path toward the intended goal. Crista founded, launched and provided leadership for the cleantech HVAC manufacturing company, Synairco. In 2009, Crista was designated one of the “40 Under 40” outstanding young engineers by Consulting and Specifying Engineer Magazine. Crista holds a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University.