This upgrade to Bartels Hall locker room facilities, including the existing restrooms, is intended to support organizational productivity and create a more motivational team atmosphere. The architect, with support from Taitem’s design engineers, collaborated with Cornell University’s Athletics & Physical Education Dept., and Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams to enhance the functionality of the space as it relates to the team’s daily activities. The design team’s concepts also created a more spacious and marketable environment for recruitment and retention purposes, and identified ways to convert designated private restroom spaces to accessory space within the current locker room.

The concepts included a study of the correct minimum plumbing quantities to ensure that the removal of showers, sinks, and lavatories would not impact the team. The design team also considered the efficient use of the space while limiting physical changes to most easily comply with building code requirements and keep the project on budget.

Taitem engineers designed the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems to accommodate the conversion of the locker rooms and bathrooms to a single open locker room and team space.

YEAR July 2019
ARCHITECT Ashley McGraw Architects, D.P.C.- Syracuse, NY