Taitem provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protections and structural design services for this 100,000 SF, 5-story, multi-family building on Cherry Street with four stories of apartments above a community room, art gallery, art studio, offices, and a large parking area. Taitem also provided technical support under NYSERDA’s Multi-Family New Construction Program.

This is an all-electric building, with a large electrical service (2000A at 208Y/120V 3Ph) that heats the interior spaces as well as the hot water system. All of the heating and cooling is designed with air source heat pumps. Ventilation air for the dwelling units feeds
into the return side of the ducted fan coils with a 6″ OA duct. Lots of coordination with exhaust, window openings, and OA duct was required to ensure the project was code compliant. The first floor utilizes and energy recovery ventilation system for ventilation.

Our structural team designed the four stories of wood construction on top of a concrete podium. The podium will be 12″ precast concrete plank with spans between 20′ to 30′ and bearing on cast in place concrete beams and columns. The columns will tie to cast in place pile caps and grade beams which in turn are supported on two hundred 100′ deep steel piles driven down to bedrock. The open bottom floor required longer spans of concrete beams and columns. The “soft” story was then heavily reinforced to transfer reinforced to take on the lateral loading of the additional stories. In addition to the details of the “soft” story design, the building (which is designed as “E’ shape, behaving more like four distinct tall skinny buildings) also needed to be supported on the bedrock located 100′ below the surface.

YEAR 2020
ARCHITECT Vecino Group