Evan Hallas, CEM

Senior Energy Analyst, Aeroseal Operations Manager

Evan provides technical assistance under Taitem’s quality assurance contracts. Evan has reviewed reports and energy models for over a hundred buildings, has conducted billing analysis for dozens of projects, and has performed measurement and verification in buildings to support Taitem’s QA efforts. Evan leads QA site visits and inspections throughout all phases of construction for NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Program, influencing more than five hundred buildings.

As the Operations Manager for Taitem’s Aeroseal duct sealing division, Evan manages day to day operations, and performs many additional tasks. He is responsible for business development, project management, supervision of the crews, and all technical aspects of the work. It is also common to find him out in the field performing the work alongside the crew. Evan’s excellent understanding of ventilation systems, his strong communication skills, and his commitment to quality has allowed Taitem to establish good relationships with our clients, which include owners, developers, construction managers, mechanical contractors, and others.

Throughout his work Evan maintains a commitment to quality and maximizing energy savings. Evan has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a focus on Ecological Design from the University of Vermont.