Clean Energy in Ulysses

In December, the Town of Ulysses received final approval from NYSERDA upon completing its energy upgrades to the Town Hall, funded through NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Communities program. With the NYSERDA grant and supplemental funds from the Town Board, the Town was able to convert the heating and cooling systems from natural gas to air source heat pumps and to add an energy recovery ventilation system.

Taitem designed the new systems and helped the town navigate the NYSERDA contract to secure funding for the project. In addition to upgrading its HVAC systems, the Town further lowered its electricity use by switching to LED lighting. Its next step was to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by switching to 100% sustainably generated electricity.

Congratulations to the Town of Ulysses for reducing both energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions and serving as a model for other municipalities with the same goals.