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What is Commissioning?

To learn more, read through our overview page.

Taitem Engineering is at the forefront of innovative, sustainable design and building science. Our commissioning projects range from small commercial buildings seeking LEED certification to a 4.2 million SF residential/commercial complex in Istanbul, Turkey, and everything in between.

We provide commissioning services for both new construction and existing buildings, including retro-commissioning (compliant with NYC LL87), specialized commissioning services and GSA compliant Commissioning per the GSA Building Commissioning Guide. We also provide commissioning for solar PV systems.

We offer all levels of LEED compliant commissioning. Our fundamental commissioning services include general construction review, prefunctional checks of equipment and functional testing of major HVAC equipment. Enhanced commissioning services include additional drawing and submittal reviews, training and documentation assistance, a 10 month post-construction inspection to check equipment prior to warranty expiration and general enhanced presence throughout the project. Taitem is also able to provide Envelope and Enclosure Commissioning services in compliance with LEED V4 criteria.

Why Commissioning?

Why should you think about commissioning your building? For starters it may be the single-most cost-effective strategy for reducing energy, costs, and greenhouse-gas emissions in buildings today. It is also a great way of reducing contractor call-backs and unresolved problems that can result in lost productivity for the building occupants.

Why Taitem?

Our team of highly qualified engineers ensures that your project will be handled by an expert from start to finish.

The Taitem commissioning team has in-depth experience in several key technologies, including ventilation, dehumidification, high-efficiency heating and cooling applications, Green technologies and many years of commissioning experience and expertise. Our commissioning specialists have working experience in design, maintenance and project management and are familiar with common construction issues and how to best avoid them.

Members of Taitem Engineering’s staff have completed NYSERDA’s Retrocommissioning Initiative training and have participated in the National Conference on Building Commissioning. Staff hold certifications in existing building and new construction commissioning through the Association of Energy Engineers and the Building Commissioning Association. Certifications held include the CCP, widely acknowledged as the most rigorous commissioning certification currently available.

Check out the Cx Benefits Page we put together that walks you through how the commissioning process benefits owners through each step in the process, from Design, Construction, and Post Construction

If you still are not convinced, take a look at a few statistics from a recent study on commissioning costs and benefits:

(the full study is available at


For more information on our commissioning services contact Lou Vogel at 607.277.1118 x125 or