Ladders, Lighting, LED’s

Check out this post on the Building Evidence blog and be sure to check back to see the results from their energy evaluation….

An interesting visit last week to Tilley Ladder, an old factory that used to make wooden ladders, which has been converted to apartments, in Watervliet, NY. The building is certified LEED Platinum and has geothermal heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation, heat pump clothes dryers, LED lighting, and more. Continue to full post…

99% corridor lighting energy savings

Check out this recent post from Ian on his Building Evidence blog:

Corridor lighting is a big energy user. How would you like to save 99% of the energy required for this important lighting?

I recently saw a beautiful new university dorm for grad students. It is a certified green building (LEED Gold). I was struck by how the corridors are lit. In fact, I was awestruck. I think I have seen the future of corridor lighting, with energy savings of 99%, relative to how we light corridors now. It’s nothing short of amazing. Here’s how they do it. Continue to full post at Building Evidence