Taitem – LEED Proven Provider

Taitem has entered the LEED Proven Provider program and is currently in the evaluation phase of the process. As a proven provider, we will have more access to LEED project reviewers and a streamlined certification review process. Taitem will be recognized by the USGBC as an experienced organization with strong attention to detail demonstrated through our high quality submissions.

To learn more about the LEED Proven Provider program and how it may benefit your future projects, please click here

Taitem helps the Physics Bus go solar

The Physics bus is going solar with Taitem!

The Ithaca Physics Factory, a Community Science Workshop with a Bus, is all about experiencing physics because it’s fun, beautiful, and useful. Taitem is supporting the group by providing a solar panel and controller as well as design & installation support for their Physics Bus. The purpose of the bus is to contain and deliver physics-for-the-people so that everyone can experience its fun, utility, and beauty. Look for the bus around town! http://ow.ly/QM77J