“I’ll take…Terrific Taitem for $1000

“I’ll take…Terrific Taitem for $1000, Alex.”
“This long-term Taiter supports Taitem with her superb technical writing skills. She bikes to work, loves a good footie match with her sons, and will crush you if you’re not consistent with your commas.
“Who is Jan Schwartzberg?”

You can watch Jan on Jeopardy! on Tuesday April 7. In Ithaca, it airs at 7:30 on WSYT. http://ow.ly/KZt5O

Congratulations to Rob Rosen, who passed

Congratulations to Rob Rosen, who passed the #BEMP (Building Energy Modeling Professional) exam! This certification is a way to assure building owners that an energy modeler knows their stuff. It also enables Rob to submit a building into the bEQ program, ASHRAE’s building energy efficiency program. Way to go, Rob!